01. Location. Location. Location

One of the easiest venues to reach by train A Room with a ZOO is almost the continuation of the adjacent Belle Époque international station linking to the European rail network and establishing the classic style with its cathedral like halls. Hotels being within easy walking distance mean there is plenty of time to explore the somewhat unknown City of Antwerp.

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02. Our legacy as the first scientific zoo in the world

A Room with a ZOO is the only convention centre in the world with its own ZOO. A living historic monument as a part of the venue with a rich legacy and its own award winning science and research centre.

The ZOO's original and protected 19th century architecture provides a peaceful backdrop to events. A place to discover embedded in the middle of historic fabric.

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03. Every cent contributes to nature conservation

A Room with a ZOO is part of the Antwerp ZOO Society. Profits of our congresses and events immediately support our efforts on cherishing nature through animal welfare, education and awareness building.
The Antwerp ZOO Society plays a leading role on the world stage in terms of scientific research and conservation.

This unique partnership between meeting and conservation ties into the desire of the meeting industry to become more sustainable.

Sustainability & conservation
04. Nature Nurtures

Live meetings are about being transformed by connecting people. Connecting beyond the professional into the personal level. Nothing beats the human to human connection. A Room with a ZOO wants to go even further and wants to connect you, not only with each other but also with nature. Because nature nurtures.

There’s more to the venue than rooms, than space. It’s about people. About a team. That is why we would love to introduce you to our team of experts.

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