A Room with a ZOO is owned by the Antwerp ZOO Foundation and every cent spent at the convention centre contributes to the Foundation’s efforts in the field of animal welfare, heritage, breeding programmes, research and nature conservation worldwide. 

By hosting or attending a conference, meeting or event at A Room with a ZOO, you immediately support nature conservation worldwide, without any other efforts. This unique proposition of partnership between meeting and conservation ties into the desire of the meeting industry to grow the green aspect of events and to become more socially responsible. 

The story of Matadi

Silverback Matadi is the ZOO's Instant CSR ambassador and is intertwined with the venue and even with its visual. Thanks to previous events held, A Room with a ZOO was able to donate €25,000 to the Virunga National Park, the spiritual home of Matadi. Director of the Virunga Park, Emmanuel de Merode, one of the venue's heroes, was a keynote speaker at A Room with a ZOO’s Association launch event. He gave a stunning talk about the very real threats to the survival of the Silverback Gorillas in the wild.

In the video below, you’ll see a glimpse of why zoos have a great importance in the conservation of threatened species.

In November 2018 Matadi became a father and his much-loved daughter has a heartfelt name. The caretakers and godfather of the baby girl chose the name Thandie, which means 'the loved one' in Swahili, reflecting the emotion she arouses in all visitors to the Antwerp ZOO.

The ZOO Foundation

The ZOO Foundation plays an important part in retaining biodiversity, both in Belgium and abroad. The primary objective is the long-term protection of animal populations and their natural habitats, in particular the preservation of four ambassador animals: the golden-headed lion tamarin, the okapi, the bonobo and the cinereous vulture.

The ZOO’s efforts range from capacity building (engendering knowledge and awareness among park visitors as well as the local population in the regions where these animals originate), running breeding programmes and maintaining studbooks, conducting scientific research and providing the necessary support to nature conservation projects. Even the catering reflects the venue’s sustainability policy.

By hosting or attending a conference, meeting or event at A Room with a ZOO, you therefore immediately support nature conservation worldwide.

Elisabeth Catering

Even the catering reflects the venue’s sustainability policy. Find out more about the in-house Elisabeth Catering at A Room with a ZOO. 

The Green Key

For its efforts on sustainability, the Elisabeth Center received The Green Key.