The ZOO’s objectives over the past 175 years have been – and still are – bringing people closer to nature and, contributing to building lasting relationships. Live meetings are about being transformed by connecting people. Connecting beyond the professional into the personal level and rekindle the human nature that runs through all of us. Nothing beats the human to human connection. They bring you closer to what matters.

Nature Nurtures

Science is proving what most of us have always known intuitively: nature does good things to the human brain. It makes us healthier, happier and smarter. Even pictures of the natural world can calm us down and sharpen performance, so imagine what the presence of a ZOO can do. Meetings become better with nature, they become more effective and more sociable. Nature is the balancing factor against the digital overload.

Nature plays a role in our overall feeling of happiness. It nurtures the soul, inspires and connects. This is why a Room with a ZOO offers a conference centre surrounded by nature, tropical animals, the most beautiful garden and lots of light. All our meeting rooms are infused by daylight for optimal cognitive functioning.

Antwerp ZOO is the perfect setting for a relaxing morning run or for a walk, during breaks or in the evening. Especially at night you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the most beautiful garden in Antwerp. If you are lucky, you could even spot some sleeping animals that join you during your evening walk. The nightly beauty of the extraordinary garden is the perfect setting to cast all your professional and business concerns away and recharge your batteries for the following day. We can even offer the opportunity to pay a backstage group visit to the ZOO behind the scenes, during which you can explore the hidden link running between the ZOO and the Central Station, normally not accessible for visitors. During this exclusive visit you can discover the backstage of the animal quarters, the impressive underground, the infrastructure, the medical operation theatre and the hatcheries.

The venue’s social programme reflects its vision regarding the effect of nature. We therefore offer delegates a coffee break with a view on the flamingos, morning runs and tai-chi sessions at the sleeping ZOO. We encourage organizers of events to take a walk during sessions and enjoy all what nature has to offer. Free your mind and the rest will follow. What other convention centre holds so many surprises?

A Room with a ZOO wants to bring people together and nurture meaningful live experiences that cannot be replaced by technology. It wants to facilitate a connection beyond the ordinary. We are not just rooms or space. We are people.

This is why we would love to introduce you to the swifty team of fifty experts, the people behind A Room with a ZOO. The team is looking forward to meet you.