A three-day event, ‘The Success of Chance’ for the European Lotteries began on May 26th 2019. This was the tenth time European Lotteries have held a conference; the aim this year was not just to allow participants to discover how ‘chance’ and ‘luck’ plays a part in life, but to encourage them to experience the highlights of ‘Diamond City’ Antwerp.

When the 900 participants assembled in the Elisabeth Center, they were treated to a spectacular opening act from the Opera Ballet van Vlaanderen with soloist Shelby Wiliams, followed by a tailormade choreography announcing the official opening of the trade-show and conference.

After that, the three-day conference took off in earnest, examining how ‘chance’ plays a role in all our lives. As well as a trade show, meetings and panel discussions, there were uplifting keynote speakers such as Marc Herremans, Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan) and Brett Hennig. They were even paid a visit by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mathilde!


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